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Hassan Zanjirani Farahani

Composer & Media Artist




Composer & Live Performer


Production Studio/Recording Studio


Hassan Zanjirani Farahani (B.A. M.A. M.A.) is an Iranian-Austrian composer, performer, art collector and media artist located in Vienna. He studied piano, trumpet, and clarinet at Tehran Conservatory. He worked as a piano teacher, clarinet, and trumpet player in several orchestras, before he moved to Vienna. He pursued his studies in composition and music & media technologies at University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, Anton Bruckner University (Linz), and participated in many academic courses in sound recording, PA, computer music, media art, acoustics and physics, light design, animation and graphics. His major teachers include Andreas Weixler and Carola Bauckholt. He graduated in all his studies in composition and music & media technology with an excellence degree. His academical activities includess music production, media art, stage performance and music pedagogic as guest lecturer in several Music Universities among others Bruckner university and University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and Festivals including Ars Electronica Festival. As performer and improviser, Hassan Zanjirani Farahani concentrates on contemporary music and electroacoustic music.  He performed in many festivals among others Festival ORF Musikprotokoll Graz (Austria), Mantova Chamber Music Festival (Italy), Ars Electronica Festival (Linz), Wien Modern (Vienna). He is also a live-electronics improviser, who has played in many events, festivals and venues such as Wiener Konzerthaus (Vienna), Vienna State Opera, Vienna Volksoper, Raimund Theater (Vienna), Ars Electronica CenterHelmut List Halle (Graz), Porgy & Bess(Vienna), Brucknerhaus (Linz) etc.. His compositions are stylistically variable. Most of them are electroacoustic pieces for ensemble and live electronics. He also wrote pieces for film, theatre, dance performances and musical theatre and is concerned with stage and club lighting, architectural lighting, projection, graphics, animations and visualization. Moreover, he has already developed architectural installations worldwide, especially in Austria, Germany, Emirates Turkey, Iran etc. His occupational area also includes educational activities like university lectures and courses for composition, electronic music, digital audio workstation (DAW), sound synthesis, light design, visualization and media art, etc. In addition to his musical activities, he works as a sound engineer, sound and light designer, music producer, graphic designer and VFX artist. Since 2017, he is the directing manager of the company Luxonaria GmbH in Vienna specializing in cultural management as well as event technology.