Hassan Zanjirani Farahani is an iranian born composer, sound designer, performer and media artist located in Vienna. He studied piano, trumpet and clarinet at Tehran Conservatory before moving to Vienna, where he took up his composition studies. He pursued his studies in composition and music & media technologies at Anton Bruckner University (Linz) and participated in many academic courses in sound recording, PA, computer music, media art, acoustics and physics, light design, animation and graphics. His major teachers include Andreas Weixler and Carola Bauckholt. He graduated in all his studies in composition and music & media technology with excellence degree. As performer and improviser, Hassan Zanjirani Farahani concentrates on contemporary music and electroacoustic music.  He performed in many festivals among others Festival Musikprotokoll Graz (Austria), Mantova Chamber Music Festival (Italy), Ars Electronica Festival (Linz), Wien Modern (Vienna). He is also a live-electronics improviser, who has played in many events, festivals and venues such as Wiener Konzerthaus (Vienna), Ars Electronica Center (Linz), Helmut List Halle (Graz), Porgy & Bess(Vienna), Brucknerhaus (Linz) etc.. His compositions are stylistically variable. Most of them are electroacoustic pieces for ensemble and live electronics. He also wrote pieces for film, theatre, dance performances and musical theatre and is concerned with stage and club lighting, architectural lighting, projection, graphics, animations and visualization. More over, he has already developed architecture installations worldwide, especially in Austria, Germany, Emirates Turkey, Iran etc. His occupational area also includes educational activities like university lectures and courses for composition, electronic music, digital audio workstation (DAW), sound synthesis, light design, visualization and media art, etc. In addition to his musical activities, he works as sound engineer, sound and light designer, music producer, graphic designer and VFX artist. Since 2017, he is the directing manager of the company Luxoaria GmbH in Vienna specialised in cultural management as well as event technology. In 2019, he was among top young entrepreneurs and compnay managers in Austria and won state support for his initiative “Cultural Program for Tourism”.

Selected Compositions

Prelude (2008) for piano

Sonata (2009) for piano and violin

Vocalise (2009) for soprano and piano

Schur e Homayun (2011) for piano

Octet for winds (2011) for flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, french horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba

Aschube Mavali (2011) for Duduk, Daf and synthesizer

“Iijad?” (2012) for orchestra, 5 singing bowls, 2 Kanglings, duduk and synthesizer

Algorithmic aleatoric pieces (AAP) (series)

  • AAP1(2012)
  • AAP2(2013)

Deceased Memories (2012) for crotales, vibraphone, piano, strings (violin I, violin II, cello, double bass)

(55+1-1)x (2012) for modular synthesizer

Destruction (2013) for 2 flutes, alto saxophone, french horn, bass drum, tam-tam & live-electronics

Tibet (2013) for 4 loudspeakers

Ars nova contrapuncti (series)

  • 1for microtonal midi organ (2013)
  • 2for 2 midi pianos (2014)

Nenoitairav über Hoamatland (2013) for clarinet, oboe and bassoon

Du bist nicht einer von uns… (You are not one of us…) (2014) for 24 instruments, electronics and light design

Blind sweeper (2014) for piano, live-electronics, dance performance and light

Das Unlogische notwendig (2014) for soprano and live-electronics on the text of Friedrich Nietzsche, “Menschliches, Allzumenschliches”

Copper-jacketed lead (2014)  for 4 loudspeakers and lighting

Pigment of SourceSwitch (2014) for alto saxophone, piano, live-electronics and light design

Die blitzenden Fackeln von ZEUS (2014) for computer-controlled piano (Bösendorfer CEUS), live-electronics and light design

A conversation with the last white buffalo (2014) Tape for dance performance in collaboration with Josseline Black and Anni Taskula

Loud Whisper (2014) for amplified tenor Recorder and Tenor Saxophone

Eroberung des Glücks (2014) for 6 instruments (flute, clarinet, accordion, piano, violin, cello) and live-electronics

Particle displacement (2015) for 4 Accordions on commission of Paul Schuberth, Lazar Mishkov, Nikola Jelic, Atanas Dinovski

Goldene Braut der Berge (2015) for clarinet and double bass on commission of Vera Karner

Hamlet I-III (2016) theatre score for tape, piano, harp, harpsichord, vibraphone

Laptop concerto (2016) concerto for laptop and orchestra

Solo piece for media artist (2016) Live electronics and lights

Oberfläche der Ästhetik (2017) Music theatre

Motley Deductions (2017) for saxophone quartet

Distorted intention (2017) stereo acousmatic music

Metric Cycle (2017) for three musicians and 15 instruments

Life’s flow (2017) Pop song 

Dusted leitmotif (2017) for solo accordion

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Sound Design

Stage Lighting

Architectural Lighting